Tremmel (Einzelunternehmung)
Fuchsweg 27
DE-84051 Essenbach

GeoIP: Germany Listed since 2013


2 GB mit 1x .de Domain inkl.

of Tremmel (Einzelunternehmung)

EUR0.62/month, 2.0 GB Diskspace

Self description of Tremmel (Einzelunternehmung):
Domain .de mit 2 GB Speicherplatz für Ihre Website (Wordpress vorinstalliert) Domain: * 1 .de Domain * Kostenloser Domaintransfer/Umzugsservice *... (more)

Costs (including VAT)


Setup fee: without
Minimal duration: 12 months


2.0 GB Diskspace
Traffic limit: 0.0 GB per month
Server location: Hamburg (GeoIP: Germany )
E-Mail: any number Mail accounts


available E-Mail aliases
available Webmail
available Databases: 4x MySQL
not available Dedicated IP
available Domain Aliases
not available Third Level Domains
available PHP
not available Perl
not available ColdFusion
not available Active Server Pages (ASP)
not available ASP.NET
not available MS FrontPage
not available Servlet Container
not available Ruby
not available Server Side Includes
available FTP access
not available SSH access
not available Statistics
available Daily Backup
available Green Hosting

Modified on Jan 25, 2016
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